What Sets Us Apart

  • EPA and IICRC Guidelines applied
  • Testing of indoor air for common allergens, mold and presence of meth
  • No “mold hysteria” here – just proven facts and methods
  • Infrared technology and particle counter to aid inspection
  • Knowledge – Certified Indoor Environmental Professional
  • Remediation Contractor Services including PRE and PRV

What to Expect

  • Affordable pricing – will only do testing when absolutely necessary
  • Honest communication and consultation when you need it
  • Educated, expert & experienced mold inspection and related services
  • Information, reports, and analysis written in a format you can understand
  • I understand your concerns and will work with you to resolve any problems
  • I encourage clients to be a part of the inspection, as safety permits, and to ask questions
  • Referral for the areas most trustworthy and professional mold remediation contractors & technicians

More About Us

We are based out of Boise, Idaho. If you wish to have an inspection done on your home or business please call 208-941-7689 or browse around this site! We are often unable to reach the phone due to being in a crawlspace or attic. The best way to ensure that we return your call is to leave a voicemail or send us an email. We always do our very best to returned missed calls but our days get busy fast!

This site is used for keeping customers updated with current issues, common problems, as well as general maintenance that should be done in order  to prevent mold growth or other environmental hazards.

We will also post stories from various inspections, highlighting them either because they contain helpful information that other customers may benefit from, or simply because it was a humorous or terrifying experience.

Mold is probably the last thing you want to have in your ‘to read’ list, but after a few weeks of reading about what all can occur during an average inspection, perhaps you’ll change your mind.